I know you’ve all been waiting for the points. It’s been updated through our last contest. Check it for accuracy please and let me know if you see something that doesn’t look right. 
Our next contest is August 5th. If you’re behind in points make sure you’re there in August so you can catch up! It takes points to qualify for Regionals next year. 
And another reminder that Easterns registration is open. Deadline is July 31st. If you are an alternate you still enter and the earlier you enter the better your chances are of getting that slot! Go to Easterns Rankings to see if you’re slotted or an alternate. Yellow highlight means you’re slotted. I encourage you all to enter even if you’re an alternate. Easterns is an awesome experience and it’s my favorite time of fellowship for all the districts.
Click on the above link for the points matrix.
Thanks ya’ll for being the best district in ESA!
And also a shout out to Brycen Jernigan for making the ESM interview!!!

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